Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Artists at CWOS Alternative Space

The New Haven Register Building, where the printing and distribution of the newspaper once took place, was home to artists who do not have studios in New Haven, called Alternative Space, this year. Artists from around the state of Connecticut, and even some from New York, rented space for the weekend of October 20&21. Six areas or zones were set up throughout the building. I was in the main room of Zone D with over twenty other artists. I was able to meet and speak with many of them. Here a few photos and links to their Artspace Profile Page or website. I will search to see if I can find a site that has more photos to share with you. There just wasn't time to take photos.

Eric Iannucci, Mixed media, Ceramic, Fabric, Found material, Animation 

Richard Davis, Mixed media, Photography, Collage, Paint, Graphite

Marcus Schaefer, Found material, Metal, Sculpture, Installation, Mixed media

                                                                              Derek Leka, painter

Kyle Skar, architect, installation artist

Other artists displaying at this Alternative Space whom I know or met:

Kathleen DeMeo, Printmaking, Paint, Mixed media, Collage
Valerie Richardson, Paint, Printmaking, Drawing, Collage
Jeffrey Starkes, Paint
Ariela Martin, Photography
Louise Harter, Ceramics
Elissa Hine, Paint, Printmaking, Mixed media
Stephen Rodriguez, Ceramics
Ruth Sack, Mixed media, Sculpture, Paint, Found material, Collage
Martha Savage, Collage
Melissa Slattery, Painting, Pastels
Linda Wingerter, Found material, Mixed media, Installation, Paint, Wood

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