Friday, October 26, 2012

Birds and Blueberries

Of the prints that sold during the CWOS Alternative Space weekend were three containing the same birds drawing and mask used in different ways, and blueberries, printed with two different methods.

Birdsong - Mixed Media
Birds Diptych - Monotype

In the Thicket - Monotype
 One woman who bought a blueberry silkscreen print told me that she was buying it as a Christmas gift for her sister, with whom she shares a blueberry bush. Another woman told me that she too was buying it as a Christmas gift for her parents, who live in area of Connecticut surrounded by blueberry farms.
Blueberry Summer, silkscreen

From the drawing for the blueberries silkscreen, I created a drypoint etching in plexiglass and printed it onto some of my handmade paper, using the chine colle method. There are five versions of this, though this is the only one I have a photo of. This particular one is framed and has not sold yet, but is similar to the ones that did.

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