Saturday, August 23, 2014

Artists and Artisans in Paradise 2014

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I have been working with the Stratford Arts Guild Show Committee for the past four months to make this a spectacular must see show and destination. I think we have done everything we could possibly do. Now we just need people to show up, enjoy it and buy art!

I have also been very busy most of this month (and earlier this summer) creating work for this show. I wanted a nice body of new work for it. It would have been great to complete a few more pieces, but am pleased with what I was able to do.

Here is some of what I recently created:

Working with the drawings of a few weeks ago, I created these three 14x11 panels. 

Garden Cosmos Series Mixed Media

Wanting to work with the vintage ephemera I have been collecting (see my Instagram account for more on that), I began this new series I am entitling Natural History. I would have liked to have competed at least two more of these for the show, but ran out of time.

Natural History I

Lastly I wanted to do a few more sets of Garden Songbird Silhouettes. I really love working on these little guys. They make me so happy. Both for painting the cute little birds, but also because many of the vintage papers I use are from my Grandmother. Seeing her handwriting and other pieces connected to her fills me with joy. She was a special person in my life. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Painting As Therapy

I found out today, after waiting three weeks for results, that I tested negative for Lyme disease but the lab failed to test for the other tick borne diseases. When I saw the doctor three weeks ago I expressed my concern that I thought I might have babesiosis this time. And I still don't know if that is the case.  Guess I should be thankful that it isn't Lyme this time. (Though it could still be; negative results are not a guarantee that it isn't present and active.) Have to go for new lab work. Sigh...

In the meantime, I have been pushing through my days, doing what I can and resting when I need to.
I did start the Cosmos Flowers mixed media paintings on Tuesday. I've completed the first and am working on the second today. Here is a progress shot:

I'm also developing ideas for some collages. Here is a shot of that:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sketching in the Garden

Hello there! It has been awhile!  Instagram has become my primary venue for sharing photos and my activity since it is so easy, but figure it is time to get back to blogging at least a little bit!

This morning I spent about an hour sketching these delightful Cosmos. I have begun a series of paintings which will feature them. The sun became too intense and forced me to go inside. I plan to work from the photos to finish the sketch.

I have been struggling with some health issues over the past three weeks or so and have limited amounts of energy. Each morning I ask myself how best to use this limited and precious resource. Today it was getting this drawing started. After lunch and a shower to wash off the insect repellent and sunblock, I will take a nap. Then hopefully I will have time and renewed vigor to finish this. I want to start on the paintings soon! Like tomorrow! This is quite frustrating!!

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