Monday, March 9, 2015

What's Ahead for March

The long month of February with snowfall after snowfall and lots and lots of shoveling,  extended into the first week of March. But now, coinciding with the time change, Spring seems to be making its way back.

And with it, lots of new opportunities:

I am taking another Botanical Watercolor class with Cindy Gilbane of the CT Natural Science Illustrators. That runs until the first week of April.

On Saturday I'm taking part in an online SoulCollage workshop entitled Come As You Are, led by Anne Marie Bennett. That runs for four weeks.

On Tuesday, March 24th, I begin a ten week training program to become a Master Naturalist with the CT Audubon Society. This is a program I have been waiting for almost three years to be offered.

In addition to doing the at home work for these courses, I am also preparing for the SoulCollage Facilitator training I will be taking in early April, also with Anne Marie. That will be held in Massachusetts.

April is also International Fake Journal Month and I want to do that again as well. I have an idea for how I will approach that this year and would like to get started on that.

So much to look forward to and to juggle along with ongoing work and the beginning of spring garden chores.

And lastly, next week I find out if I have been accepted to Yale Divinity School and the Institute of Sacred Music. I applied to both back in November and have been patiently waiting to hear. Their decision will alter the months ahead in one direction or another. If I am accepted, I will concentrate more on the immediate tasks/chores that need doing so that they are completed before two years of full time study. If I am not accepted, or accepted but not given much financial assistance which might cause me to decline acceptance, I will move ahead with the Plan B steps I have ready to go. If I am accepted, I will be sure to do a post explaining why I chose to apply there, what I plan to study and where I see my future headed.

I'll post again next week. Until then, enjoy the unfolding of this new season.

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