Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Before Photos in New Haven Register Building

Here are the "before" photos of the area where I will be exhibiting in the New Haven Register newspaper production building:

I've got the two cement walls and floor space out to the poles.

 Here's the plan:
1. wash the cement block walls, garage door and door to equipment room.
2. test the "damage-free" adhesive backed velcro strips made for hanging picture frames as well as printing labels to make sure they stick to the walls. If so, proceed with hanging framed pieces. If not, Bob will install masonry screws.
3. hang unframed prints with binder clips on cord or wire suspended below the vents on the garage door.
4. set up tables
5. install newspaper vending machine and use it to display my handmade papers
6. decorate poles with vining bittersweet if time allows.

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