Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Polyester Plate Lithography and Monarda

Last night I completed the short course on Polyester Plate Lithography with Alexis Brown at Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. This technique will take some practice to master it. I like the results that can be achieved, and there are quite a few, most of which I did not try. As I have stated previously, the use of oil based printing inks is a draw back for me. I really appreciate the ease in which water mixable oils allow for clean up with soap and water.

Here is a look at what I did last night. Will add photos from previous weeks in another post.

  This was created with two polyester plates. The bottom layer is the trace monotype of Monarda printed on ZAcryl polyester plate and inked with graphite etching ink.  On top is the original drawing of the Monarda printed on a Pronto polyester plate and printed with rose madder etching ink mixed with graphite. If I printed on white paper I think the graphite ink would be more visible. I like the look of the rose madder on the beige paper, however.

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