Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Focus on Drawing

As I have written about previously, I want to focus on drawing to improve my skills so that I can quickly and adeptly depict the plants and wildlife that surround me. I have started Fundamentals of Natural Science Illustration II: Autumn's Bounty at the Yale Peabody Museum Education Center in Orange, CT. I haven't devoted as much time to the homework as I would have liked because of other activities. After this coming weekend exhibiting at the CWOS Alternative Space, I don't have much planned, so will make the effort to really get serious about drawing again.

This week our homework was to draw a garlic bulb, with special attention given to the roots. After an hour and a half, this is what I've done.

Break time is over, so now to finish it.

It took a little more time to bring it to this point. I am hesitant to do more for fear of over working it although I can see the roots on the left need some help to bring them forward. I'll see what the instructor suggests tomorrow.


  1. hey, susan, your photo doesn't show this, and maybe it's much clearer in person, but would you have better luck without the pad of paper under your drawing? i'm eager to see where your drawing goes, what it teaches you-you learn so much from really drawing(seeing) a plant.

  2. hi Velma, what do you mean exactly when you say I may have better luck without the pad of paper? thanks


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