Friday, August 9, 2013

Festival Stratford 2013 Part 1

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the first annual Arts Marketplace which took place during Festival Stratford's showing of A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed by Connecticut Free Shakespeare. As a way to draw attention to the cause of resurrecting the American Shakespeare Festival Theatre in Stratford, CT, this was the eighth year this event has taken place. It has gained in popularity and the organization is finding new ways to increase the draw. One such activity was adding the Arts Marketplace. There were ten art/craft vendors in total along with several food trucks and the local VFW selling mixed drinks and draft beer from Two Roads Brewing Company which is our newest town attraction.

I will add photos in several posts to keep this from being so long.

The setting is beautiful. The buildings are historical treasures. The Shakespeare Garden is taking shape once again. Here is a quick tour:

The Theatre

Sundial on Theatre

inside of Theatre

Theatre Museum

Katherine Hepburn often performed here

in the Lobby

A statue on the grounds

Shakespeare Garden

the White House where actors used to stay
Note: Photos on Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013 list in this post:
# 2 - Theater for performing arts (1st photo)
#21 - Sundial (2nd photo)

Festival Stratford 2013 Part 2
Festival Stratford 2013 Part 3


  1. looks like a lovely place to visit!

  2. Love, love, love the theatre!
    Someone posted a photograph of the Globe in London and this is such a nice companion.


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