Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Gift of Vintage Linen Dish Towels

I stated in the previous post that a woman came to the Artists and Artisans in Paradise Art Show specifically to meet me and give me the gift of these beautiful dish towels. She read in the newspaper article that I search estate sales for old cotton and linen fabrics to turn into paper. She acquired this collection of linen kitchen dish towels quite by accident. She explained to me how she and her husband would go to estate sales and auctions. One year they bought an old dresser at an auction. When they brought it home and opened it they found these towels in there. The woman said she hadn't used them and won't. She thought of me when she read the article and wanted to pass them on free to me if I was interested in them. "Was I ever!" I exclaimed. "But they are too beautiful to cut up and turn into paper. I will add them to my dish towel collection and use them in the kitchen" I told her. "As long as you want them, they are yours" she replied. Isn't that precious?

Look at these beauties. Note the dates on each of them.

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