Monday, November 5, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Journal

On November 1st, I read a post on one of the blogs I follow that Bernice Hopper started An Attitude of Gratitude journal for the month of November. She is blogging about it and has invited others to participate and share their pages as well. I thought this was a great idea! I have planned to get back to working on my visual journals (I have five or so in various stages) and thought participating in this would be a good way to ease back in. Bernice provides the daily prompts, scriptures and quotes, along with a technique video. Those participating interpret the prompts however they like and post the results on their blogs. A Facebook group has also been set up for those participating. I'm not going to get this done in one month's time, but will see it through to completion!

Title Page

I chose to use the birds silhouette for their symbolism. Most recently, I sold three pieces of art which featured this print. For that I am very thankful. 

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