Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Road Trip 2013 and Photo Scavenger Hunt

My husband and I have embarked on a summer road trip. I will try to blog each day or two so that I can keep up with the photos.
Our first stop is Nashville, Tennessee. We came to visit our son and his fiance and to attend "Summer Celebration" at Lipscomb University. I packed stuff to read and my art travel kit to have something to do in the car. The scenery is always so interesting, all I did was look out the window and take photos for 8 hours each day!

I've been able to locate three items on the Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt list. Here they are:

#8 Tower
These photos were taken while driving through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee. They are water towers, what I am guessing are radio and cell phone towers and maybe something else in addition to this.

#16 Windmill

#20 Dinosaur

It always amazes me how once we leave the metropolitan area of NY, NJ and CT, the scenery changes from buildings, roads and traffic to farms, mountains and open sky! I would so much rather spend my days looking at these views than those of the cities that surround me!

There were a few hours when we drove through down pouring rain. Being able to see the storm clouds in the sky was amazing!


  1. I love the collage of water towers, and it's interesting that there are so many windmills to be found while driving around.

    1. and I was surprised and delighted to find the dinosaur billboard. I thought I would never find that one from the list!

  2. I also love the variety of different water towers, and does different they look esp the rainbow one. That would liven up a dull day!

  3. Super photos, you have really surpassed yourself with the towers - LOL Great dinosaur too. Well done on your win as well. BJ


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