Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nature Printing with Steam


Eco-printing, or eco-bundling, the terms for India Flint's dyeing technique, is gaining in popularity. I prefer to call this method "nature printing with steam", for to me it explains the process best. I wrote up a tutorial describing the basic steps of the process as I have been doing it for the blog, 12 Months in View. You can find that tutorial by clicking HERE.

Next I want to experiment with this process to print on watercolor paper (and then on my handmade papers, which would bring this project full circle) without bundling. I've seen some examples of this on the web and the results are cool!



    1. Hi Bernice, Thanks. I do have a link to this post in the text. Does it not work?

    2. Just found it but it doesn't show up very well.


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