Friday, February 7, 2014

Identity - Discovering My Inner Heroes

In the previous post I wrote about how God has revealed something new and exciting to me. Here is what it is:

I already can't remember how, but earlier this week I learned about the book Inner Hero Creative Art Journal by Quinn McDonald. The book description explains that in this book you will meet your inner heroes (ones which she has named) who will help you combat the voice of the inner critic. I am familiar with the "inner critic" as it is much discussed in many art journal techniques book. I believe it was Julia Cameron who first wrote about the inner critic in her book, The Artist's Way, originally published in 1992. Though the concept wasn't new at that time either. Anyway, I have not read about our "inner hero or heroes" before this. (I'm guessing it isn't a new concept either, but it is new to me.) I have ordered the book, but have not yet received it. I did search online for more information on inner heroes. I found another book called, No Cape Required: A Devotional: 52 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Hero by Kristen Parrish. I have ordered this book as well. In addition, I discovered the website of Ben Fanning. He discusses inner heroes as they are found in the corporate world. His description of their characteristics is right on in regard to my own inner hero. 

Loving this idea of having inner heroes, I set about discovering mine. Using a page from Quinn McDonald's book, which is available as a free download, I came up with a list of my inner heroes.

I am also re-reading The Artist's Rule by Christine Valters Paintner. I read this for the first time in the Spring of 2012. This book uses Benedictine Rules for Living and applies them to being an artist. In the first chapter she discusses the "inner monk" and "inner artist". Psychologists often refer to our "inner child". I am naming these three as inner heroes as well as five more.

My Inner Heroes

The Monk
The Artist
The Child
The Mother
The Hopeless Romantic
The Gardener
The Naturalist
The Historian

I will introduce you to them in upcoming posts and show you how I am incorporating them into my Identity Art Journal.


  1. Hi susan, thanks for posting about The Artists Rule. I sounds ljust like I need to read next.
    - Cathy

    1. Hi Cathy, I think you would also enjoy An Altar In the World by Barbara Brown Taylor. It is a delight to read.

  2. Shame about the Tarot Reader bit in the first book because apart from that it sounds good. Looking forward to seeing how this project develops.

  3. What a cool idea. Looking forward to reading more.


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