Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Attitude of Gratitude Journal, Health and Seasons

Continuing along with the month long Attitude of Gratitude Journal challenge, here are Days 20 and 28:

Looking through the pages I had done I saw that I have pretty much been using the same color palette. This is not surprising, I know that I stick with the earth hues, so decided to change it up a bit and challenge myself by using primary colors plus white.

The technique challenges for  these days are to 1) carve your own stamp and use it and 2) look for objects to stamp with.

On the left is a flower design that I had carved into an eraser several year back. I used this with red, added a little white and stamped again, then added more white and stamped a third time.

Here I stamped with two different sized bottle caps and the bottom of one of those add to a pencil erasers. I used these stamps on the left hand page as well to tie them together.

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