Monday, December 10, 2012

Ivy Drawing for Bob's Tattoo

My husband, Bob, has been thinking about getting a tattoo for a few years now, but couldn't decide just what it should be. Last summer while attending a church workshop on marriage, he heard about the Greek word for forgiveness, which is a continuous act. He decided then that it would be a good word to incorporate into a tattoo design. It would be a reminder to him to continually forgive as he is continually forgiven. Not wanting just letters, we brainstormed on what plants would be appropriate. He wanted something that would vine or weave around or through the letters. We could not find a plant that symbolizes forgiveness.  Ivy is a symbol for friendship, fidelity and marriage. The plant grows here and we need to continually forgive in our friendships and in marriage, so he decided it was a good choice.

Bob asked me to do a drawing for the tattoo. Here is what I created for him:

 Post Script:

Anthony, the tattoo artist at Ink Side Out, thought it was not a good idea to have the word floating on Bob's arm. He created his own version of this design with the word carved into a stone. This is the final tattoo:

Bob's Tattoo

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