Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Studio Reorganization Update

Last week, after two days of re-organizing and removing items from my studio, I realized that I could be at this full time for a month! I decided to make sure the counters, sink and work table were clear so that I could start doing some screen printing. I bought another table, unfortunately a foot shorter than the one I have, but it gives me more room to work. The plan is to devote one hour a day organizing/donating/giving away/throwing away the many items still cluttering the closets and under the work tables. But for now I can move and breath and create!!!

space to lay out prints to dry

room to work

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  1. Oh Susan, I just got here. I love to silk screen and I haven't done it is a gillion years. (Yes I'm really that old)One of the last things I did was the glass for all of my cabinets. I etched the glass and screened a tar-like stuff for the resist. If you do what you said, you will probably run across a cabinet in a photo along the way that will show that. I'm off to see more!


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