Friday, June 22, 2012

Contemplating Schooling Options and My Future

I posted this on Facebook last Monday:

"So I'm thinking that a certificate in Botanical Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden might be a better fit than a MS in Environmental Education from SCSU. Any thoughts?"

I had spent a few well needed days working in my gardens and my need to have "more" of this experience was awoken in me again. I was thinking that what I love most to do is be among plants, insects and birds. The sights, sounds and scents are so thrilling to me! The desire to recreate these sensations in some manner is strong. I really don't know how to describe in words what I feel. But I was thinking that it is a solitary experience and so, for the most part, is being an artist. Only I know exactly what I feel. I want others to experience the same pleasure I get from tending and being in the garden. That is my main reason for choosing to pursue a masters of science degree in Environmental Education at Southern Connecticut State University. But I was thinking that involves lots of planning and organizing and tasks that take place outside of the garden. So I was thinking that if I concentrated on creating art and taking courses at the New York Botanical Garden to further develop my skills, this might be the better fit.

I did receive some thoughts from my friends. One friend asked why I couldn't do both. That might be possible, but the financial investment would be considerable. Over the past few days I have been thinking and praying about the best course of action.  I realized that I already have the basic drawing skills, have all the equipment (papers, pencils, paints, etc.) and I certainly have the specimens! What I really need is to get outside and draw, draw, draw!! I don't want to be a botanical artist per se; I do want to get better at depicting the flowers, plants, trees, vegetables, butterflies, birds and other life that share this plot of earth with me and my family.

They say that beginning a new habit is more difficult than ending one. It is supposed to take three weeks of sticking with something before it becomes a routine.  Starting on Monday, I plan to spend at least a half hour each day outside - weather permitting - drawing! The reward will be better work and plenty of reference material to refer to during the long winter months.

Muscari sketch

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