Saturday, September 28, 2013

Colorful Cotton Paper

It was great to finally get into the papermaking studio and make a few batches of paper this week. Here is a synopsis.

In early spring I used some RIT dye I had purchased at a tag sale to transform estate sale white cotton sheets into an array of colorful cloth.

Not having the time to turn all of this fabric into pulp, I chose the bottom batch (labeled scarlet but turned out to be more of salmon) and another white sheet to turn into pulp.

First I made ten sheets of salmon colored paper and embedded a piece of fabric into each one. The fabric was originally the trim design on a cotton sheet I got from my grandmother's linen closet. These sheets will serve as covers to journals.

Next I made white paper for the pages. Then I mixed the two pulps to create a range of pinks. Some of the pink reminded me of cotton candy. (Look at that deckle edge!)

Lastly I added some yellow pulp I had on hand to shift the color to a peach.

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