Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ink from Natural Materials

My thoughts have been consumed with exploring all the creative possibilities plants provide!

I've decided to try making inks from plants. It takes about a pound of plant material to dye a pound of fiber. I either don't have or don't want to cut this much material right now. For instance, that would mean cutting off all the black eyed Susan flowers I have - not going to do that! But I can spare a handful of flowers or buy a small bunch of beets at the store to experiment. (I do plan to plant a full bed of beets next spring for eating, dyeing and papermaking.) AND making inks will extend the amount of time I can experiment with the various uses of plants. Preparing pulp and making paper will come to an end soon as the weather will be too cold to be playing with large quantities of water.

I'll bet left over coffee simmered down will work, as well as a variety of TAZO tea I have but don't care for - the color is luscious though!

Okay, going out to dye cotton pulp in the dye baths of garden sage and tansy I cooked up last week and will be saving a cup or two to turn into ink!

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