Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chine Colle Workshop

This weekend I attended a two day workshop at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking. This was the first time I have taken a class there. The instructor, Patrick Egger, is a recent MFA graduate from RISD. He studied under Brian Shure. Pat learned this chine colle method from Brian and taught it to us. I was one of three students enrolled in the workshop, which was wonderful because we each got our own press to use!

This method of chine colle uses a Japanese cooked wheat paste that is brushed onto rice paper and allowed to dry. About 30 minutes before use, this paper is put into a damp pack (placed between moistened pieces of newsprint and wrapped in plastic). These papers are then placed on top of the inked plate and a backing sheet (traditional European printmaking paper) that has been in a damp pack for 24 hours is placed on top and then put through the press.

I did a small series of prints with a drypoint etching plate I created today. The papers I chine colle'd were prints and ghost prints I did previously on thin mulberry papers.

I also used this method to collage previously printed papers together.

These pieces have been collaged over a print that I didn't care for. This will be the basis for a new print.

I really like this method. It allows me to paste up a lot of material at one time that I will have on hand to add to my printing plates as I work on them. A little bit of preparation will enhance creative expression. No need to stop the printmaking flow to prepare a piece for chine colle.

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